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True Colors

You are who your actions say you are.

The cuttlefish is an amazing creature. Spectacularly ugly, but amazing, nonetheless. It has a unique ability to instantaneously change its color, pattern and very shape to camouflage itself when hunting or dodging predators.

It’s okay to be a chameleon of sorts when survival is on the line – hey, no one wants to be dinner – but not so okay when you misrepresent who you are. Or worse, where your real intentions lie.

Be your true self. Whatever that may be.

If you are an asshole, be an asshole. That’s fine; you do your asshole thing. Just don’t hide behind a bush of normalcy, only to jump out unexpectedly and shout, “Surprise! I’m really an asshole!”

(Confession: that last paragraph was a lot of fun to write.)

It’s true, we must adjust to our surroundings. To be aware and respond accordingly. Adapt or die, right?

I’ll admit, I don’t use the same language or tone in a professional setting as I do with my friends. I set aside my ‘startup uniform’ of an untucked shirt over jeans when the circumstances call for gussying up a bit. But who I am underneath does not change, nor how I conduct myself.

I am who I am. For better or worse.

Words matter, but actions matter most. They are a window into the real you, of what is bouncing around in that head of yours.

Your actions define you.

Be confident enough to be who you are. But, be straightforward and honest - with others as with yourself. Be genuine.


Even if that’s an asshole.


True Colors by Cyndi Lauper

I wrote this post with a different song for a title. But as I was doing my final edits, I felt it no longer fit. So, I peeled off a decade or two and dipped back into the 80s to tap Ms. Lauper to bring this post home. I love her voice. She sings with such depth and emotion that you feel what she is feeling. That is talent.

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1 comentario

23 jun 2018

Being true and consistent is good - but as Emerson wrote - "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines."

Me gusta
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