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Same Changes

ABR: Always Be Resolving.

As 2018 was petering out and a shiny, new 2019 was looming large on the horizon, it seemed that everyone turned their focus to their resolutions for the new year. Those big, bold decrees that hope to spark a new trajectory, shed the extra pounds or add good (or abandon bad) habits.

But why wait for an arbitrary trigger? January 1st is just a day. Exactly like the other 364.

If you wait until December 31st to reflect on your life and vow to make changes, you are doing it wrong. New Year’s resolutions simply do not work. Fewer than 10% follow through and actually achieve their goal. And 80% are abandoned by the end of February.

Come on, people... that’s not even 60 days. Sheesh.

Resolve, and you are setting yourself up for almost certain failure. And that missed mark will sting a little more than usual. Resolutions are made from an optimistic, and often idealistic, frame of mind. Shank it, and you do not return to zero, but most likely will drop into the red.

Oh, great; that extra 5 pounds will become 10. Congratulations, it’s time to buy new pants.


If you want to improve, start today. Like right now. Even if that right now does not hit you until October 13th. Distance from/proximity to the arbitrary rolling over of a calendar does not matter.

Self-reflection and improvement should be dynamic. A constant exercise of evaluating your current location, looking ahead to where you want to be and taking those first steps to make it happen.

You are in control, not a resolution tradition, hashtag or thread. See the change, be the change and find the best you.

Whenever that might happen.


Same Changes by The Weepies

This is one of those songs that keeps popping up in movie soundtracks. And there is a solid reason: it is a damn good song. My discovery of The Weepies was a happy accident a few years ago. When attempting to listen to sample of a song, I accidentally bought the whole album. It was meant to be. The Universe wanted me to have The Weepies in my life. And I am better for it.

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1 Comment

Jan 09, 2019

Resolutions taken due to an arbitrary date are indeed prone to failure - as someone (who's name escapes me at the moment...and no, it's not me...) said, change occurs most frequently when we make the decision to say "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired... about XYZ!". If the best day for that to happen is October 13th - perfect! Start on October 13th. Just. Start. Thanks for sharing John....

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