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Instant Disassembly

It is how you put yourself back together that really matters.

When you get (yet another) 'no' or things break left when you desperately needed right, you can be destroyed. Just vaporized by the crushing disappointment, as if you simply vanished into nothingness.

When your life seemingly lay in pieces at your feet, it is easy to just give up. To cross your arms angrily, wallow in your misery and not take another step.

Maybe this isn’t your first stumble.

Perhaps you have spent much more time brushing the dirt off your knees than you have had your arms raised in celebration. You might not even remember what a win feels like anymore.

Now is when those dark feelings take hold. A certainty that this is your new normal creeps over and envelops you. Giving up begins to seem like the best way out.

It takes fortitude to push those feelings aside and find your strength.

Easier said than done, I know.

But if you are standing in the rain, you cannot shake your fist at the world for being wet. You have to do something. Change your strategy. Try a different tack. Or, just try again. At the very least, find shelter – and a dry change of clothes.

Maybe solace comes from confiding in a friend, loved one – or a professional. Making yourself vulnerable can be terrifying, but if you never ask for help don’t be surprised if it never comes.

Understand that reassembly can be difficult. And it might take some time. It does not come with instructions. There is no easy, universal truth that solves it all.

You have to dig deep. To find your light, whatever that may be.

Don’t give up; it is out there.

Even a faint glimmer can become a bright, warm and embracing glow with focused, intentional effort - and a little patience. But first you have to push aside the rubble and let the light in.

Be the phoenix.

You have it in you. I know you do.

And when you rise, it will be magnificent.


Instant Disassembly by Parquet Courts

This song is infinitely chill. Seven minutes and 12 seconds of just plain cool. Parquet Courts (or as they were briefly known with tongue firmly in cheek, Parkay Quarts) consistently cranks out great tunes. They are equal parts frat house basement and giant festival stage - and 100% awesome.

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1 Comment

Nov 02, 2018

I'm glad I read this today.... I was "Zero for October"... did not book a single new gig in a month - but not for lack of trying. Plenty of good conversations, plenty of "let's revisit in early 2019...", but not a single "Yes, you're the speaker we want, let's get this done!". It's November 2nd today - here's to the "yes" I'm working towards.

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