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The Singer Addresses His Audience

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

The soundcheck is done. The lights have dimmed. The mic is hot. It's time to get the show started.

Welcome to Persistent Beat.

This site combines two passions: communication and music. Each post will cover a random topic that is bouncing around in my head. The titles will be taken from a song in my collection. Like many songs, the posts can be enjoyed in two to four minutes. Occasionally, I will post longer topics (an ‘extended cut’, if you will) – and it is possible I will re-address a topic from a prior post (a ‘remix’) if insights and opinions evolve.

On the first and third Thursdays of each month, I will apply my dry wit and abundant sarcasm to a varying host of subject matters. Many posts will focus on business best practices and entrepreneurship, but I intend to tackle certain social and community-driven topics as well. Other times, it will just be the random thought that raised its hand from the back of my brain.

Each post will contain a Music Box. Here, I will give a little insight into why this song is in my rotation. I will also provide a link for the reader to explore and purchase the tune if it sets their toes a tapping. Perhaps we can expand your taste in music along with your mind.

Persistent Beat also includes a repository of the books I have burned through since January 1, 2018. Check it out in the Reading List. This section will serve to answer the frequently asked, “What books do you recommend?” And like in the Music Box, I will include links to bring the books into your knowledge base and onto your bookshelf.

Before the song fades out, let me address the genesis of the site name. It is hard for me to turn my mind off. There is a constant soundtrack of thoughts, ideas, music, memories, unsolved problems and more always playing in the back of my mind. When listening to Such Great Heights by The Postal Service, two words jumped out in the lyrics: persistent beat. In a flash, the connection was made and I began to form the concept for this site.

Join the subscriber list. Let’s see where this journey takes us together.


The Decemberists are one of my favorite bands. They are talented musicians and have a tighter grasp on the English language than most. Their lyrics are clever and rich, and often have you going to a dictionary to unravel their true meaning.

While musically, this song is not in my top 10 for the group, the title seemed most appropriate to kick off the Persistent Beat. I suggest giving the whole album, What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World, a listen. It is a great place to start, and should have you hungry to dig deeper into the band's library.

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