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Here's Where The Story Ends

Every book has a last chapter.

Well, this was a fun little experiment.

Like all trials, the outcome is unknown at the onset. You have your hypothesis and an optimistic take on its potential, so you spin it up and release it into the wild. Maybe it will resonate with a growing audience and gain traction. Who knows; it might even lead to great things. Or, it could just as easily miss the desired endpoint.

Persistent Beat was the latter.

In my inaugural post, The Singer Addresses His Audience, I wrote, “When listening to Such Great Heights by The Postal Service, two words jumped out: persistent beat. In a flash, the connection was made and I began to form the concept for this site.”

But sometimes, you need to tap the brakes, back up a bit and survey the whole scene. To take things fully in context.

Those two words were part of a more complete thought: “I tried my best to leave / this all on your machine / but the persistent beat / it sounded thin upon listening / and that frankly will not fly.”

It was right there. I just needed to keep listening.

I am proud of what was accomplished in the almost two years this site was in play. For the thoughts provoked. Perspectives widened. And the in-real-life conversations they set in motion.

Just never at scale.

There is still lot to be said. The partially written posts and the long list of ideas will be neatly stacked and set to the side. Saved for another day, and for another forum. Perhaps they will surface in a future conversation, the staccato format of Twitter or the occasional post to LinkedIn.

Come find me. Let’s talk.


Here's Where The Story Ends by The Sundays

What better title to choose to wrap up Persistent Beat? This song came out as I was graduating high school and heading off to college. One story ended so that another could begin. And what a grand second act is has been. Here’s to an epic next chapter.

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